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It’s very adaptable to gluten and dairy free. i’d love to try it out for brunch this sunday but a bit worried it will fall to pieces and i’ll be left with not enough food for my people. Whisk in the sugar until well mixed then gently fold the mix in to the flour-milk mixture. Mine ended up a bit dry from the over-cooking. But then there was Kaiserschmarrn when we went to Austria which was definitely that bit more special. I reserve the right to update my opinion if I have them in Denmark and then must urgently buy a pan to restore the vacation-y feeling as needed. So I wish you were a fly on the wall for breakfast with my teenage boys this morning. raisins (optional) 2 tablespoons (30 ml) fruit juice or rum (only if using raisins) 4 large eggs this looks amazing!! Love it! As old as I am I’ve never heard of Austrian Torn Fluffy Pancakes but my family and I will try this recipe out this Memorial Holiday. Most of the texture comes from the eggs and butter, so I have hope for it. Separate the eggs into two separate bowls. I did! Pour batter into pan and spread smooth. We handle difficult stains that no one could with our speciality products. I just ate them together, some spooned on, some dipped. So, I tried it this morning. My version does not include baking powder but a tablespoon of vanilla sugar. How about upcoming strawberries, and skip the compote? Eight years ago: Sour Cream Cornbread with Aleppo and Ribboned Asparagus Salad with Lemon At the Christmas Market. I always remember Kaiserschmarrn served with a preiselbeern (lingonberry) sauce but they are not exactly common here so this is the closest I could do. Thank you!! The mix includes xanthum gum. I learned about clarified butter from The Galloping Gourmet – Graham Kerr back in the 60s! The shredded bits of Kaiserschmarrn will caramelise for that heavenly final touch :-). Five years ago: Blue Sky Bran Muffins and Fresh Spinach Pasta The sweet-tart berry flavor goes really well so this mix fits perfectly. I just made this (eating it while I type) and a) yum, b) it reminds me so much of aebleskivers, but in a much easier way than using the sphere pan! To serve: Scrape pancake shreds onto plate and sprinkle generously — and I mean generously — with powdered sugar. Then coated another non-stick fry pan with butter (Butter always makes everything better!) Yessssssss. Shred the pancake with two forks and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar. Cool slightly, but it is good serves warm. Allow it to cook on the other side around 5 more minutes, until gently brown and cooked through. Is there a reason? Now, I can’t wait to make it. It is either eaten as a dessert (often shared, portion sizes being what they are) or as a sweet meal for dinner or sometimes lunch (the Austrians are really good on sweet dishes as main courses, not that their savoury dishes are anything to sniff at…). 1 1/2 teaspoons butter for the pan, a teaspoon more later (I did not add salt to the recipe because I used salted butter). I made this using gluten free flour and it turned out beautifully. Prune-style plums are traditional here. Three years ago: Perfect Garlic Bread, Shaved Asparagus Frittata and Palm Springs Date Shake Thank you for posting this delicious looking recipe. I love Kaiserschmarrn! It is unthinkable to go on a mountain hiking tour without having a kaiserschmarren at the mountain cabin. Made this for breakfast – kids absolutely destroyed it. We went to one area in particular but also visited some new ones each time. (I was an Erasmus student in Vienna and Kaiserschmarrn remains my best food memory of all! :) (I, personally, am currently obsessed with ghee and don’t know how I lived without it all of these years. After the batter has set, she would fold/stir in the pan, sort of like making scrambled eggs, rather than flipping like a pancake. Sorry to say :) but you missed one very important step: when you return the pancake shreds to the pan you have to add a little bit of sugar (lets say 1 tablespoon for your amount of batter) to caramelize them by swinging the pan around a little bit. I made this today for brunch and it was delicious! I always eat kaiserschmarrn whenever I am in Austria! It will go into rotation whenever I want french toast but don’t have the right bread (or any bread) on hand. Or you can reheat it. See some of my favorite cooking tools and ingredients in the Caroline’s Cooking Amazon store. (My recipe has it finished in the oven as well, just as noted in another comment.) When I moved here, I was like, “What? Prune-style plums are traditional here. Mix, pour in a pan, scramble when the bottom starts getting cooked. Do you dip it in the applesauce? So easy and I had all the ingredients on hand. Totally nontraditional, but totally yummy. I’d love to but would need to buy a special pan and probably never will, or at least as long as my kitchen is the size it is. How do I download and print the recipe without having to print all the pictures and stuff before the recipe actually appears? I make them often, we like to make traditional ones, and also with cornbread batter and cheese inside. So happy you made this! Sausages and goulash were the most common dishes but another that I always loved and would occasionally have as my lunch, if I didn’t share with my parents for dessert, was Kaiserschmarrn. Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks then beat the sugar in with them. Not sure I will make it again. Even over-cooked it was pretty tasty. :), (To be fair, it’s hard to find, and will definitely be made easier when this site is next redesigned.). You whisk all ingredients together, constancy should be that of a tad thicker than crepe batter but not much. Eat right away. “It’s best when cooked in butterschmalz [clarified butter or ghee].” Looks like a perfect family weekend brunch dish! That seems a very high milk to flour ratio, but I’m keen to make this in a larger quantity that would serve 3 adults and 2 children, so I’d love to follow your upsized recipe! Cook pancake: Heat a medium-large skillet (10″ to 12″) over medium heat. (Also tricky to flip.) I have never seen a recipe or ever heard of anything coming close. I can’t wait to try it after I get back home to the US!

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