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However, we couldn't identify right away which pieces were broken. on Introduction. To replace the timing belt first remove the sanding belt dust collector. (p. 0188):Install plastic pulley on motor shaft. First remove screws from the handle to gain access to the interior of the handle. Taking the plate off is a real pain in the ass, so I'd like to know what I'm doing before I go any further. Replace the face cover by reapplying the five hex screws. then when i ran it again it did not squeak but it was still rough sounding. 03-02-2019, 10:11 AM. The belt has come off FREQUENLTY. Replace cover, dust collecting bag and sanding belt. However, we didn't find an exact mach with our model.Then, we looked at the "rubber belt" specification numbers and realized that it has a standard specification which can be obtained from various online vendors. Handy Hint for the future - mark the location of the set screw on the edge of the disk with permanent marker so you can find it more easily. The tension lever located on the side of the sander allows removal and replacement of the sand paper. So I wanted to thank you for saving me $60 in repair shop costs. We didn't know what the problem was, but after gathering the right tools and a bit of part searching and ordering, we could get the replacement parts. To replace the bearing first remove the old bearing by gently prying the old bearing from both sides until the bearing is removed. Then, after few hours of diagnosis and labor, we were able to get the belt sander up and running again! The old timing belt should come off track and be able to be removed. on Step 6. This problem was not present when the sander was new, and it behaved OK for three years, and then started acting. Also, I plan to put up some detailed notes in a separate instructable. Once the rubber belt arrived, we could try it out on the sander - it worked great! Notice the lack of teeth of the old belt.2. Replace the timing belt by first attaching at the large pulley, then replace belt at the small pulleys by rotating the belt and forcing over the small pulleys. I was able to see that my belt is worn strangely. Hello, Im in need of assistance, Im about to buy a second handed belt sander, exact same model, only thing is, the rubber belt is missing, but the motor seems to work just fine, if you could only send me more info on the rubber belt, like measure length and wide it would help me a lot with my decision. Anti_dolph,, I have taken it out completely and replaced back into position multiple times. Then the belt cover and corresponding screws. :), 10 years ago Thread bolts (machine screws) of the appropriate size into the aluminum disk on either side of the center hole to attach the disk puller to the disk. Hence, after counting the number of marks on the rubber belt (80), we were able to find the vendors:McMaster: Mine is stuck! If you notice that the breaker is tripped into the off position, then you should flip it to the on position. on Introduction, Hi could you post a picture of the "drive wheel", the part that is in contact whit the sandpaper belt and makes it spin around, cause i am planing to build a home made belt sander and was wondering which shape and textured it had and hoped you might have a picture of it. After the unsuccessful attempt to taking the pieces out using the wire, we determined that we needed to move the motor outside its protective cover. How to Fix Throttle Lever Problem: The throttle lever is responsible for channeling the air power to spin the belt. The newly lubricated gearbox should keep your sander working for quite a while. Any advice on removing the aluminum disc? Remove the old timing belt by forcing a screwdriver under the belt at the small pulleys and rotating the large pulley.

Hume Cause And Effect, Big Bug Meaning In Bengali, Lenovo Ideapad S145-15iil Specs, Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo Ulta, Hipshot Kickass 5 String Bass Bridge,

belt sander stopped working