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Toroidal type magnetic core: 1 - autotransformer core before rewinding; 2- core after rewinding. Contacts. Ways of winding the windings of the welding machine on the toroidal core: 1. uniform; 2. sectional; a - network winding; b - power winding. I have a set of pony leads that plug into my machine & the reels. In this case, the short circuit current nominal welding current should not exceed in its values ​​by more than 30-35%. In this case, the risk of a short circuit is very large. Current adjustment can be provided by phasing in the cord string of the electrode holder - wire from nichrome with a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 5 m. It should be rolled up with a snake, which is attached to a sheet of asbestos cement. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When building or repairing appliances or household appliances, quite often there is a need to weld any elements. Insulating material must be heat resistant and reliable. It can be increased by using steel with high magnetic permeability of heat-resistant insulation of wires for winding. For a stepped overlap of the spectrum of welding currents, it is necessary to switch both the primary windings and the secondary windings. The secondary winding should contain 67-70 turns of the tire made of copper with a section of 35 mm. The core should be 45-55 mm. In this case, there is a large welding current, and the arc glows steadily. To increase the internal diameter of the torus, on the inner side it is necessary to wind off a part of the metal tape, then wind it onto the outer side of the core. Electric losses will be minimal. Erik writes -Being on the ground in Nairobi makes it a little easier to find good AfriGadget stories. It is possible to use the option of adjusting the current using electrodes of different diameters. The welding arc in such conditions functions unstable. In order for the welding machine to function efficiently, a whole set of certain rules is required. You should know that the winding in this case is quite difficult to perform. It is not so difficult to assemble such a device from scrap materials, and this kind of experience will be useful to any master. If it is necessary to work on small welding currents in the future, the design can be supplemented with a separate rectifying device with gradual adjustment of the welding current. In this case, the following pattern is observed: the greater the cross section of iron of the choke reducing throttle, the less likely its magnetic system to become saturated at work. One person should carefully, without touching the near turns, stretch and install the wire. If it turns out that the winding is not damaged, it will greatly simplify the case. The characteristics of this transformer will be better than those of "P" and "W" - shaped analogs. A welding transformer that is manufactured in a similar way will be able to produce a current of 50-185 A. To maximize the welding time, use a core of steel with high magnetic permeability. For welding, use electrodes with a diameter of 1-3 mm. It should be understood that this may lead to a decrease in welding current. © Copyright 2018, Copying of the material is prohibited. Homemade welding machine Cool Crowdfunding: 360 Video Drones, 3D Printers, And Video Production Lessons This Clever Halloween Hack Uses Real Animoji And Face Filters As A Mask The core is assembled from electrical steel plates of any configuration, the material thickness should be 0.35-0.55 mm. Blanks are placed on 2 sides of the ring, wrapped with insulation. In order to rectify and smoothly adjust the welding current, more complex circuits should be used using large thyristors for control. A person who is familiar with electrical engineering, to make such a device with his own hands is quite simple. Figure 2. In this case, it is desirable not to damage the insulation and therefore not touch the adjacent turns. Usually, the primary winding is done using the PEV-2 copper wire, the diameter of this wire is 2 mm, while for the 220 V network, the total number of coils applied will be at least 170. It is this one that determines the magnitude of the dependence arising between the amperage and the operating voltage passing at the time of work on the welding circuit of the circuit (Fig. It is easiest to work on the winding together, when one holds the free end and protects it from twisting, and the second carefully puts coils. The thickness of the plates should be 0.35-0.55 mm, and they can be pulled together with the help of studs, which must be pre-insulated from the core. In order to straighten the arc of alternating current, bridge rectifiers with high-power diodes and mandatory cooling radiators are used (Fig. To do this, it will be necessary to provide for switching the turns of the welding secondary winding. Elements that will be needed in order to make a welding machine with your own hands: Assembly scheme of the welding machine transformer. the duration of the work, which will be at least 5-7 electrodes de = 3-4 mm. Between the layers of the winding must be laid insulation from the tape. To make it easier to work, you can use a shuttle (wooden lath 50x50 mm with slots at the ends). The wires in an insulating sheath made of rubber or rubber fabric also have good heat resistance characteristics. The filter itself should consist of a choke L1, which is a coil wrapped with a copper busbar of 50-70 turns with a mandatory tap from the middle, with a capacitor C1. The gap is needed to ensure that the wire is evenly distributed and well-cooled. About Us. To do this, you need to dismantle the fence, current collector switch and fittings for fasteners. Home. Often for the manufacture of a toroid can not find iron, but you can use the plates from the old welding transformer or from the transformer from the TV of the old model. Electrotechnical indicators of transformer construction on a magnetic wire is about 5 times higher than that of similar plates. 1). The design of homemade welding machine. In this formula, I bc denotes the amount of welding current supplied, A; K1 = 30-40 - that coefficient, which depends on the type and size of electrode used for welding, de, mm. To do this, remove the barrier, the armature, and then remove the damaged winding. The duration of its normal operation depends on the quality of the material from which the core is made and the degree of thermal resistance of the wire, which is wrapped. If you touch the near coils, the insulation may be damaged. The released magnetic wire will need to be isolated from the layers of the winding by an electrical card or several layers of lacquer fabric. In this case, the device cannot be overheated either. If it is nevertheless necessary to work on low-current welding, the same apparatus can be supplied with a separately designed device-rectifier, which will smoothly adjust the welding current.

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