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Modern Esper Control as of 5.12.2018 *Update 7.3.2018* Maindeck -1× Jace, the Mindsculptor -1× … 1 Cry of the Carnarium Trying to build an Esper control in Modern. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 The Elderspell I've also taken the opportunity to test out Batterskull in the sideboard as a threat that can be found off of Narset. It gets under a lot of the interaction ([Card]Cast Down[/Card], [Card]Oath of Kaya[/Card], [Card]Kraul Harpooner[/Card], [Card]Arboreal Grazer[/Card]) that people leave in out of respect for Thief in the Esper Control mirror and against Simic Nexus which I love. Been a while since I've gotten the chance to update this. Share Article. Draw-Go Control in general is a very unique style to play. With Richmond behind me and the Standard Open in Syracuse just days away, where does Esper Control go from here? Also looking to try Murderous Rider//Swift End in the sideboard as an answer to grindy decks like Jund that also can be a sideboard slot against burn (2/3 lifelink for 3 against burn isn't amazing, but it may get the job done). 2 Search for Azcanta Collective Brutality has also once again leaned to the lower ends of the metagame, so that is swapped out while a Thoughtseize is exchanged for a Duress so that the sideboard numbers against Burn and Prowess are still kept in check. Share Tweet Share. Esper Yorion Control by Montserrat Garcia – SCG Tour Online Season One Championship . Help | You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. Also didn't miss any potential fixing that might have come from a Glacial Fortress or similar. Posted by. Updated Jun 02, 2020 by lvl10cpu using our MTG Deck Builder. Feeds | That said, [Card]Absorb[/Card] is a huge liability against their [Card]Teferi, Time Raveler[/Card], [Card]Vivien, Champion of Justice[/Card] draws. 2 Lyra Dawnbringer Liliana is a very powerful threat and it has been compared to [Card]Elspeth, Sun’s Champion[/Card] even in the eyes of strong players like my friends Oliver Tomajko and Kazu Negri. It only took a week to figure out the Drown in the Loch had real potential to the point where I wanted a third copy. Teferi and Narset have given the deck an actual plan versus the deck people were claiming was broken for Week 1 Standard — Simic Nexus, while also being a useful tool against the rest of the format. 4 Watery Grave The threat of [Card]Dovin’s Veto[/Card] basically makes it impossible for decks to be able to just resolve their problematic non-creature threat against open mana. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. 3 Hostage Taker There is no need to build your own jar files at all unless your goal is to contribute. 2 Cry of the Carnarium [Card]Hostage Taker[/Card] and [Card]Lyra Dawnbringer[/Card] are both game winners in this matchup. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and amazing son, he's constantly brewing decks for, playing, and writing about Magic. I honestly just thought it wasn’t good, and it certainly wasn’t positioned well. Most if my time has been on Pioneer brews, but wanted to show how I've dropped a few things to adjust to the Oko/Primeval Titan/Urza meta. 3 Dovin’s Veto 2 Dovin’s Veto And the upside in slower matchups is just so powerful. Sultai and Bant decks will probably continue to rise in popularity and as these decks get more and more popular, you’ll notice that their primary catch up mechanic in [Card]Hydroid Krasis[/Card] is just absolutely COLDED by Narset. +1× Kaya's Guile Forgot to document the last few changes, though the metagame has adapted even further since then. The deck will basically revolves around Dark Confidant, so I won't have a card with converted mana more than 4. Urza is still around, and there is less of a focus on big mana decks overall. In testing, I found that Narset and Teferi did most of the heavy lifting in the blue matchups and that getting Thief going post-board was a high variance plan. 3 Chemister’s Insight [/Spells] 1 Moment of Craving 1 Despark 3 Mortify Archived. Montreal Standard MCQ: Bo Su is headed to Barcelona. 3 Teferi, Time Raveler 3 Dreadhorde Invasion We now have a “say no” button, and that’s always something control decks are in the market for. Moving back to trying cards like Collective Brutality, in the hopes that it's both versatile enough in the new meta in addition to an early source of life gain in the 75 to find off of Narset (always nice to have against burn). In fact, it's almost an art form. -1× Blood Baron of Vizkopa, +3× Nihil Spellbomb Having six discard and zero Chemister’s is a really easy way to run out of gas. [/Lands] 4 Isolated Chapel Titan decks still are quite prevalent, and with field of the dead being a mainstay in their 75s a few more adjustments have to be made to the board to ensure those matchups are still winnable. 2 Search for Azcanta The only issue with the card is that you don’t always have the luxury of slamming it on an empty board like you do with Teferi. 4 Thought Erasure [/Spells] I think Wrath is a lot worse in this matchup then both [Card]Cry of the Carnarium[/Card] and [Card]Lyra Dawnbringer[/Card] is a nice upgrade from the Vona I registered in Richmond. Exploring EsperOne in Standard. Esper Control by Platinum-Mythic Rank Player – Traditional Standard Ranked Deck (6-0) Standard November 25, 2020. Against something like Humans where logic knot and the like would normally come out, this still stays in). With the addition of [Card]Oath of Kaya[/Card], we can cut [Card]Cast Down[/Card] in this matchup comfortably while respecting [Card]Thief of Sanity[/Card] and the three mana walkers. Close. 0. In their place, stand a field full of decks that make it impossible to tap-out for her. 4 Godless Shrine +1× Fact or Fiction Dovin’s Veto: This is the biggest upgrade this archetype got — [Card]Negate[/Card] with upside. Going forward, Esper can adjust to beat anything and it’s for that reason I think it is, and will remain to be on top of the metagame. Vona in current Esper is an inspiration from Edgar Magalhães and I believe it was a great inclusion in Week 1 of the format. 1 Moment of Craving [Lands] Murderous Rider turned out to be a bust, was only medium overall. 3 Kaya’s Wrath -1× Spell Queller Contact | Copied to clipboard. 4 years ago. The uptick in more grindy decks help justify the walker package, meaning that the stoneforge package isn't always the clear cut way to build the deck. [Spells] This card is inspired by Arne Huscenbeth and Oliver Tomajko who were both off the [Card]Thief of Sanity[/Card] plan in Richmond in favour of this two-mana enchantment. Control Andrea returns to Esper Control after tinkering with the Mono-Red matchup, and he’s got a list ready to beat the U/W Control decks that are everywhere while remaining competitive with Red. These two are the new card advantage engine you need post-board and I think it’s time to move past the 2/2 flier for more stable threats.

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how to build esper control