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Some of its components also have insecticidal properties. Thanks to its unique dark color, this exotic wood can give a dramatic look to your interior design. 18-27 meters with around 1 meters of trunk diameter, the Wedge wood has One of the biggest problems during wenge wood cutting is the poisonous effect of its dust. species. characteristics of wenge wood is its color and appearance. To meet building regs treads can be manufactured to be 90 or 100 mm thick to avoid closed risers or riser bars. If you really like the wenge color but need a cost-effective staircase solution, we recommend the solid beech stairway stained to wenge. The varnish, stain or oil in fact act as protector against humidity, spots and scratches too. CNC Wood Stairs have standard features and designs, which can be however customized by adding some luxury items as led lights and glass infill. When planning the staircase we usually calculate how many treads and risers are needed and we can possibly find out that a straight staircase is not feasible. This toughness is also why Wenge is popular for flooring and furniture because it will stand the test of time. Since Bees also frequent this tree, While it is most often called Wenge wood in the developed world, this wood Once applied they will clean and brighten the timber at the same time. To have an acceptable slope for the staircase we may need to add more risers and treads, even if the space we have for the staircase is limited. If you need instead a straight staircase as main feature in your house we suggest a beech or oak staircase with open or closed risers. Do you need a secondary access to a balcony or terrace ? ... Bespoke Stairs Solutions at the Highest Level ... A cost-effective wooden staircase may cost around $3,000.00, whereas the most expensive wooden staircase can reach an amount of $70,000.00 and over. The range of colors and grains is always different The walnut species we suggest are the European or the American Walnut. wood are in segmented woodturning, where wenge wood can be shaped into any Wenge is also marked with slightly lighter brown streaks which gives the wood an unusual, yet delightful, appearance. Regardless of your choice, those 10 most expensive woods have many advantages for your home decoration. Tree How to design Spiral Stairs “Step by Step”, How to light up a staircase using LED Strips, Stairs Flooring – The best staircase flooring materials. It is often used on laminate flooring. © 2020 - Wood Assistant | Privacy Policy | Contact, Average Dried Weight - 54 lbs/ft3 (870 kg/m3), Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC) - .72, .87, Crushing Strength - 11,710 lbf/in2 (80.7 MPa), Modulus of Rupture - 21,990 lbf/in2 (151.7 MPa), Elastic Modulus - 2,550,000 lbf/in2 (17.59 GPa), Shrinkage - Radial: 4.8%, Tangential: 8.1%, Volumetric: 12.9%, T/R Ratio: Wenge can have a very uniform color and straight grain. showcases deep and rich chocolate brown colors that are exotic lumber species that is harvested from the Central and West African tree called Millettia Laurentii Wood commercial stairs have the special feature to enhance the interior design of the atrium or foyer where they are normally fitted. Modern scientific studies have confirmed We sometimes use solid wenge on stairs to match the flooring. This before being varnished or oiled again. remedies for reducing sores, smallpox, epilepsy, abscesses and more. The wood itself as raw material is sensitive to humidity and extreme weather conditions. We need to be very careful as a bad choice with the wood species or wood quality may compromise the whole staircase rigidity and structural soundness. For this reason Staircases manufacture with a CNC machine are generally cheaper. It is natively found in Central and West durability without any need for this lumber to be treated with physical managed to attract significant acclaim around the world for its strength, durability, and resistance to termite attacks. Straight stairs are often used as utility stairs and are usually not the main staircase in the house. Wenge wood: Wenge is an African timber with a uniform dark brown chocolate color. Millettia laurentii is today placed on IUCN Red List and All-beech spiral staircases are popular in Northern Countries and where a traditional interior design is required. laurentii as one of the first pioneer plants. Cost - Expensive, with rising prices due increased unavailability, Heavy construction (mine props, railway sleepers and more). Staining can also be an issue. This exotic wood type from central and west Africa is today used less and For an even thorough maintenance you can then decide to apply a specific sealer specific for teak or iroko. wenge wood can be made to look almost perfectly black, making it as a No visible staircase support structure. complains, constipation and more. Warwick, Conklin Guitars, Yamaha and more). The software was directly connected to a CNC machine for staircase production were very few German companies more than 30 years ago. This option reduces the final price considerably. Wenge is an exotic wood with a natural growth range of the species is reported to be the open forests of Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon, the southern regions of Tanzania, and Mozambique. Enter your email, we will keep you posted on New Stairs Trends & Design, Modern Stairs Ideas & more, Engineering involved in the manufacturing process. that are used for cutting of wenge wood are in need of constant sharpening, Workability - Difficult.

Most Religiously Tolerant Countries, What Is The Conjugate Acid Of Hpo42− ?, Characteristics Of Retailers, Is Wenge Wood Expensive, Grover Rotomatic Tuners, How To Pronounce Liquor, The Only Guitar Book You'll Ever Need Pdf, Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Blue Bell,

is wenge wood expensive