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Is a great leader, sets direction for product. It’s a good exercise to read through a few of them and understand the reasoning and philosophies behind them. (Can fill in the blanks), Given an introduction to the context in which a task fits, can design and complete a small to medium sized task independently. Industry tactics for establishing roles, titles, levels, and compensation can be helpful, and can also serve as a basis for creating effective hiring plans and writing compelling job descriptions. To avoid confusion, it’s usually best to talk about job levels. Compare that to Google, where software engineers at the L7 level (a senior manager role; roughly equivalent to Microsoft’s level 67) can expect to pull down $256,059 in annual salary, $286,176 in stock, and a bonus of $83,294. Here are a few resources for factoring in SEO when deciding on titles: “How to Write SEO-Friendly Job Titles and Descriptions,” from, “Search engine optimized job descriptions: dos and don’ts,” from Workable, “8 Ways to Make your Job Title SEO-Friendly,” from TMP Worldwide. Stripe* and CloudFlare* have similar approaches. Performs complex programming tasks. Both levels and titles help to situate the role within the context of the company and make the role more translatable to those outside the company. Writes and executes test plans. Shapes coding methodologies and best practices. Builds strong relationships in their own team and across the company. You can look forward to attractive pension plans, personal-, travel- and health insurances (varies by location), vacation as well as state of the art hardware and software in daily use. Levels help to support meaningful growth for engineers, unify expectations across engineering, map compensation fairly, and allow for consistent and ideally unbiased evaluation of candidates. * And in large companies, conventions on titles vary widely, and we often don’t think about what purpose they really serve. Performs expert programming tasks. A role also situates an employee within an organization, and it may correspond to the job level into which they fall. It turns out answering that question is a bit complicated. Can sign off on test plans. Companies often create career ladders or career lattices that illustrate the job levels at the company, explain what is expected of employees at each level, and clarify the different growth paths an employee can take. Book a call, Calculate and understand your total compensation. “Many companies don’t really start doing this, though, until they’re feeling some significant pain,” he notes. Companies can also draw on job levels for such classification tasks as determining compensation, codifying role-appropriate expectations for employees, or supporting internal lateral movement. Critically important to growth and product development. Understands the limits of our tools and when a problem that exceeds those limits deserves the effort of producing a new tool. At the highest levels are employees who may have broad and deep enough impact to significantly change the trajectory of your team or company. Has subject matter expertise on multiple components. Expected to spend majority of time learning about code and development best practices. Shows initiative and is motivated to learn. Those who ascend yet another level to full-on director (L8) can enjoy total compensation of roughly $800,000 (but as with Microsoft level 69, there are few L8 respondents to … A great lead engineer, who knows how to allocate resources among projects and understands how company priorities map to their tasks. We'll be updating the new levels in its place over the next few days. Something as seemingly simple as a job title can contain and convey a complex range of information—the nature and scope of work someone is responsible for; how senior they are; and potentially whether they report to or manage other people.

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