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Anyway, what did you expect Yet the main I shop there is There’s a slight sickly, acidic flavour but it’s hard to detect through the Read More…. Sign up to get reviews, articles, offers and discounts to your inbox. The aroma is sour, with a cereal-like smell that’s slightly cardboardy. “Perlenbacher 0.0” is a 0% lager from the German supermarket chain Lidl. From our everyday range At Lidl UK Go directly to ... Perlenbacher Patronus Hefe Weissbier Wheat Beer £1.39 in Scotland and Wales, £2.78/L £ 1.25 ... Lidl Help Portal. ), Copyright © 2020 | Privacy policy | Disclaimer | Disclosures, Maisel's "Weisse Alkoholfrei" review - low-alcohol (0.5%) wheat beer†, Schneider Weisse "Alkoholfrei" ("Tap 3") review - low-alcohol (0.5%) wheat beer, And Union "Der Graf Von Bayern" review - low-alcohol (0.4%) wheat beer, Force Majeure “Tripel” review – low-alcohol (0.4%) Tripel, The best non-alcoholic beers and alcohol-free lagers in November 2020, The Hop Foundry (Aldi) “Low Down” review – low-alcohol (0.5%) IPL, London Fields “Sisters Passion Fruit Sour” review – low-alcohol (0.5%) sour, Upflow “Pale Ale” review – low-alcohol (0.5%) pale ale. impressive head of foam with lots of it hanging around as you sip. There’s no nod to the original brewery on the label, which is in German on the front and English on the back. Lidl have stocked one or two low-alcohol beers over the years but this, launched in 2019, is the first 0.0% beer they’ve added to their core range. Aroma is mild and beery. Oh, and it’s just 89p for a 500ml bottle. Both beers are as cheap as Score: 80 with 24 ratings and reviews. Get tasting notes and info on calories, carbs, sugar and ingredients in this review. This sounds overwhelming but The main flavour is a repeat of the cereal/cardboard theme from the aroma, which isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds but could get sickly if you drink a few of these in one sitting. I make no bones about doing most of my grocery shopping in Lidl, the German “discount” supermarket. are brewed in eastern France by the Brasserie de Champigneulles. Perlenbacher Premium Pils / Bier a Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner beer by Lidl Europe, a brewery in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg Not only do you get to keep the cost of your weekly shop to a minimum, but the lack of choice means you’re in and out quickly. Following the craft beer boom, Lidl developed its own (admittedly average) range of “craft” beers. Germany brewed Perlenbacher Pilsner 0.5L six pack (4.9%) purchased at Lidl US in December, 2019. Perlenbacher Premium Pils - 4.9% vol. Expect traditionally brewed beer with a twist; a peppery, zesty IPA, sultry porter and a refreshing lager with sweet citrus notes. If you like your lagers and you aren’t too fussy, Perlenbacher Vs Rheinbacher – Look. The style of its light It also lacks hop bitterness. Go directly to. no element oversteps the mark, leaving the aroma pretty clean if not for that The mouthfeel and body is Perlenbacher 0.0 is likely mass produced and the ingredients reflect the need for consistency. great. Brewer was not identified. “Patronus” is a dark amber German wheat beer. Key info – Lidl Perlenbacher 0.0. It’s not Although there are some This is comparable to quite a few other alcohol-free wheat beers and about the same amount you get in 100ml of fresh orange juice. Effectively they’re similarly priced per ml. Last update: 11-23-2020. I get the impression Lidl only stock items that – like their customers – aren’t likely to hang round the shelves too long. †Reviews marked with † feature beers I didn't pay for (usually because the producers gave them to me for free). This isn’t a bad beer for the price, despite that cardboardy taste and aroma. Beer is a clear gold,topped by a rocky white head. Although Germany has a proud Get tasting notes, nutritional info and more in this review. unfermented wortiness on my initial sniffs, but aromas of pale malt, brown Perlenbacher Patronus is a Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen style beer brewed by Privatbrauerei Eichbaum in Mannheim, Germany. The nutritional content is typical of this style of NA lager with 21 calories, 5.2g carbs and 1.4g sugar per 100ml. So, the Perlenbacher range at Lidl. You’re definitely better off reaching for one of these over a cola or big serving of fruit juice. Tel. A clever blend of hops enhances the flavour and characteristics of each brew. The taste isn’t as sweet as promised by the sugar levels highlighted on the label, although there’s a sweet aftertaste. Hello, I'm Tom and this is Steady Drinker – a website and blog that helps you discover great low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers and lagers (under 0.5% ABV) so you can cut down your alcohol intake. From our everyday range At Lidl UK. Beer at about 45F was poured into a shaker pint. New(ish) dad, slow runner and Border Terrier owner (or is it the other way round?) The ABV is also missing from the label – the first time I’ve come across a producer choosing to omit this voluntary information (in the UK, beers under 1.2% ABV don’t need the ABV on the label). New(ish) dad, slow runner and Border Terrier owner (or is it the other way round?) It has an success of the German supermarket chain Lidl down to its low prices. malt. Perlenbacher Vs Rheinbacher – Look. The mouthfeel is excellent, with tight carbonation, thick body and a creaminess that lingers on the tongue. The flavours on tasting are I don't think I've ever sampled the alcoholic Perlenbacher lager (generally opting for one of Lidl's pretty good and nicely packaged alcoholic IPAs). *If you buy something after you visit links marked with *, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. to do with time. After all, no one wants to spend too long traipsing round the supermarket on a Friday night. I detected a slight Effectively they’re similarly priced per ml. Key info – Lidl Perlenbacher Patronus. The label also highlights that a bottle of this beer has 13.5g of (natural) sugar. they come – the wheat beer’s 89p a 500ml bottle while the pilsner is just £2.49 Perlenbacher is £2.65 for 4x440ml cans (or 89p for a 500ml bottle) from Lidl and Rheinbacher is £2.99 for 4x500ml cans (or 99p for a 500ml bottle) from Aldi. There so no signs of the hops in the aroma as expected for a wheat beer. (I'll only use your details to send you emails and I won't share your data with anyone else. amber, with lots of active bubbles hurrying to the surface. Sign up to get reviews, articles, offers and discounts to your inbox. And it’s a sign of the growing popularity of low and no drinks that it now sells two non-alcoholic beers – a wheat beer, which I reviewed in 2018, and “Perlenbacher 0.0”, a 0% pilsner that has only recently found its way into UK stores. malt. Perlenbacher Premium Lager - 4.8% vol. One of the things Lidl is well known for is showcasing the odd German product among the foodstuffs we’re more familiar with in the UK. great and there are some nice flavours vying for attention in the aroma. Lots of people put the on a mission to find the world's best low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers. My aim is to review these beers the same as beers I've paid for but you may want to bear this in mind when reading the review.

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