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It seems that a similar policy would be just as effective for cyclo-cross, which could fairly preserve both the starting hierarchy, established over decades of racing, while also incentivizing people to stay home. "Unless the UCI calendar is frozen (as it was during the spring/summer) then it is not fair to the events and athletes that can compete to only freeze the ranking. Unless of course, we opt to risk travelling from all over the world, to the only place with regular racing still happening, so we can try to qualify to scour the dreary Belgian sand dunes in January for our precious points. That's not the kind of risky dilemma any official policy should promote.*. A risky conundrum, not relief, for 'cross racers worldwide. UCI World Ranking » Individual Menu Date 2020-11-24 2020-11-17 2020-11-10 2020-11 … Yet asking the UCI to reexamine and rewrite one rule that's less than a week old is hardly exceptional. MTB Marathon Series Men Elite Ranking. The lucky few, the cream of the crop who can still race, will have their Worlds bonus points to boost their ranking when the world rights itself again. Those who are unable to travel, or who do not want to due to global pandemic, don't have to compromise. I cancelled long-term accommodations in two different countries and sadly passed up the first RV I would have had for those soggy winter race days in Belgium. Still hold the World Championships in Ostend, and still allow that race to be counted for next year. You can unsubscribe at any time. There was a problem. 2nd rank. Yet now this is the best case scenario – disappointed and rankless racers wondering what the future holds. Those who want to race still can. So there it is. If you'd like to voice your input to the UCI in support of a more responsible and reasonable policy, e-mail Simon Burney, the UCI off road manager: Sure, there are COVID-19 testing requirements to get into those Flemish races, but what about the hotels we stay in? Living that pro cycling dream, one rental van roller session at a time. Individual Ranking. He cut his writing teeth as the former editor in chief of ROAD magazine, and he became all too familiar with crappy policymaking during his time as a wastewater policy analyst in California, where he lives, riding circles on the beach, dreaming of grey skies and soggy days on the dunes of the Flemish seaside. For me, that meant turning down five digits worth of sponsorship bucks. The families we come home to? I've spent far less time proposing a solution than I have whining about the policy in the first place. Cyclingnews is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The stores we buy groceries? * To be clear: professional athletes shouldn't be shamed for trying to continue careers and livelihoods while following the laws and policies of international governments and governing sports bodies like the UCI. The UCI was contacted about this issue, but have yet to issue a response. Yet that headline ran last Thursday when the long-awaited rule amendment was finally announced. If the buck wasn't going to stop with the UCI, it had to stop somewhere. However, the recent policy decision by the UCI now makes us weigh a fabricated numerical assessment of cycling worth against the very real dangers of a global pandemic. This is the culmination of eight years of cyclo-cross vagabonding, operating out of the backs of rental cars, riding trains to races, chasing World Cups and UCI points across three different continents. Andrew Juiliano is an award-winning journalist and professional cyclo-cross racer for Lazer-Voler Pro Cycling. For more information about how to do this, and how we hold your data, please see our privacy policy. For them, their points still remain from the previous year if the event has been cancelled this year. It's simply responsible. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Simon Burney, the UCI Off-Road Manager, responded on November 26 with the following comment. A frozen ranking means there is neither incentive to have an event on the UCI calendar nor a benefit in competing for the majority of athletes that can still compete. It wasn't right to take money for racing that might not happen. Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. On March 16, right as the pandemic forced the shutdown of countries across the world, the ITU froze all rankings, and instead there were interim rankings established for any events held between July 1 and December 15. The majority of racers keep the starting positions, hard-earned but now lost through no fault of our own. Bigger things than the start grid positions that said ranking points determine. It's simply essential. That seems like a fair compromise for everyone involved. The majority, like myself, decided that with over half of the World Cups canceled and more than 120 events knocked off the UCI schedule including every event in North America, perhaps we had to take the initiative. +1. The addition of the UCI points gained at the 2021 UCI World Championships, where we are confident all the leading riders will be able to be present, gives early races a ranking to use for call-up that will include the best riders who had competed in Oostende, Belgium.". Sign up to the Cyclingnews Newsletter. It's tough being forced into a career-altering decision, especially in the absence of any official guidance other than the constant news of cancellations. The Belgium government is still allowing professional racing during the country's lockdown and the UCI is still holding events in countries currently locked down, like the upcoming World Cups in the Czech Republic, Belgium and The Netherlands. Treat it as a bonus for those riders who are willing and able to continue their seasons as the rest of the world stands still. Maldegem, Belgium, Namur World Cup bound, but first, stuff all the bikes and wheels into the back of the work van in Oudenaarde, Belgium, Taking the train, then riding to the races in Ardooie, Belgium, Front row callups mean missing the other row chaos. No, 'relief' is not how the majority of racers feel, especially the 1,025 whose results are hosed by the pandemic and subsequent UCI policy. Bigger things than the ranking points cyclo-cross racers earn at said races. To be frank, we've bigger things to worry about than bike racing right now. Bad policy puts our worlds at risk. I'm damn proud of how hard I've worked for those good rides when they happen. In Spain, where 85 guys can take to the start line, with more than three quarters of them unranked, that's a huge difference. The new UCI policy amendment, as of November 19, 2020, wipes out all ranking points for the start of the 2021-2022 season, except for the 2021 Cyclo-cross World Championships set to take place in Ostend, Belgium, on January 30-31.

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