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The M2 and its controller came in one box with the contents encased in Styrofoam. Thank you for your support and a great product! I’ve watched a lot of videos trying to teach you the stuff and to be honest I’m happy it was included and I didn’t have to worry about it. We went back and forth on the emails and then I decided to take the plunge by ordering my 3DOF system from you all. Delivery was fast, the motion platform functions perfectly and the included sim tools software was easy to setup. It can also deliver vibrating feedback to simulate road texture, gear changes, collisions and contact via Buttkicker Bass shaker(s) or other add-ons. Five days later I received my two packages. Most interesting thing after all, when I have DOF turned off, We have been using it for driving and racing for now, but we have experimented with flight and it is great for flight too. The P series platforms use industrial grade motors that can be used for continuous hours each day. One of your units is used by the pilot competing in karting worldwide. Now I’m dialing the motion in, I’m really happy with the rig. Other than the motors, gearboxes, and power supply, the rest of platform is the same as the H series platforms. After testing the Oculus Rift, I thought it would be very hard for me to replay a racing game without the RV. They provide a good set of instructions and a software package that installs the driver and SimTools software and game plugins. I just finished assembling it and tried it out today! At the time of your order , the platform can be configured for easy portability by addition of two heavy duty front side wheels to the platform. Thanks for the best customer service I’ve ever experienced…. Our Commercial P series platforms have a bit more force and speed then the consumer H series. The ultimate Formula1 motion simulator. Yaw Motion Simulator is compatible with SimTools, SimRacingStudio and Yaw VR Game Engine, that means we are compatible with all the top VR games even on PSVR and XBox! I’m pretty sure they make this as an add-on kit if the budget is super tight. mounted to the motion platform. I had the chance to test out the kit with Dirt 3, Dirt rally, iRacing, some of the Need For Speed games, and a few different flight Sims. Many of the participants for this race will also have never have been there, so practicing on the sim will really give me a leg up on my competitors. I think DOF Reality has the best value and its quality is just as high as the high end units. I am in the process of designing a new top section to the rig and i have no issue doing this as the base of this system is great and i do not have to do anything with this. First off I want to tell you that I’m very happy with the product, it delivers feedback about what I was expecting and even more. September 13: M2 shipped from Zaporizhia, Ukraine via TNT. I would recommend to somehow mount the chair to the floor – otherwise it will start moving a bit on heavy movement. The few games I play on occasion that are not supported by motion seem lifeless. I mainly play racing games and have the most series working together with my fanatec gear and wind simulation. There is no other product on the market under $15,000 that can do what our platform does. The  P series platforms use industrial grade motors that can be used for continuous hours each day. It well built The kit came pre-drilled with plenty of mounting points but still needed to drill new holes to accommodate every thing specific to my needs. The level of immersion is unreal. Priced at $999 USD, shipped, the M2 costs much less than NL. for a brief second I consider the NL motion platform platform but it’s just a seat mover and I’m not interested in that. Installing software provided by DofReality went without a hitch and actually getting the rig to move was really straightforward. All the assembly went really good and the fitting on the parts is super! All our units come with a 1 year faulty part return to base warranty (excludes normal wear and tear). Cranking up the side wind is much more fun now and after pulling off a short field landing yesterday with a strong cross-wind I was just buzzing. Technical support from DOF is really good too. I am very impressed with your unit . Very nice work, sir. The P3 model is designed to move not only the seat, but, all simulator controls (steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttles, etc.) IMHO the acceleration and braking depends on several factors, the total weight you put to the rig (ie wheel base, gear box, your weight, extra accesories), game feedback, the car you are driving, simtools setup, etc. When you move, everything moves! In addition to this DOF Realitys on going customer support after purchasing was brilliant and they always kept me up to date with the process and answered all my questions. I built my own motion simulator 2 years ago with a ton of help from the awesome users . But in the end it’s way too expensive and way too large and basically just a seat mover with traction loss. I posted pictures of building the rig here: I will be ordering my upgrade kit soon to make it a full 6DOF system! With Yaw SDK you can develop your own Yaw Motion Simulator compatible game for Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, HTC VIVE, Valve Index, Pimax and all other headsets in the market. Take care and I wish you great success in your efforts. Thank you DOF Reality for making an amazing simulator! I’m writing this letter mainly because I wanted to let you all know how my experience has been so far with DOF Reality and what I think of your products. Experience VR like never before with in-built haptic vibration and immersive head tracking technology. The time it would take to fab your own is not worth it.. You guys do an amazing job packing all of the parts! A full set of allen keys and spanners are also provided, which is very helpful. Fine tuning took a long time though and is an ongoing process. Our mission is to make universal plug and play motion simulator platform affordable for many gaming enthusiasts and professionals. Our motion simulators are tested and tuned with minimal assembly required and are ready to plug-and-play out of the box.

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