Fully automatic lipstick filling machine

The right choice of a cosmetic filling machine is determined by the combination of your products and packaging. There is a big difference when you need to fill pots, pens or containers with liquids, pastes and powders.

In order to maximize efficiency and productivity of your cosmetic production line, we take the time during a first conversation to frame your question or need. We take into consideration your production experience, the installation environment, existing situation and your competitive position. Because personnel costs weighs on your sales price. To increase profitability, we do not only look at your cosmetic machines. But also the impact of automated transport systems and robotisation on your production costs.

Various cosmetic products and packaging in your range determine the choice of your cosmetic machines

Years of experience in cosmetic filling machines

For cosmetic filling machines we cooperate with our prefered supplier Woojung cosmetica machines. This manufacturer is internationally known and offers a variety of filling machines that meets the highest requirements. Even with limited space in your production environment. We, at Flemac, also immediately pay attention to your conveyors and the further automation of your production. All this to prevent breakdowns and increase your productivity!

As the cosmetics industry is changing rapidly, our partner has cosmetic container filling machines in various shapes and sizes. In addition, these devices can process products with different viscosity levels. We take into account the consistency of the product.

Woojung penvulmachine
Cosmetic pen filling machine

Cosmetic products have different viscosity levels. That is why we help you to choose the right liquid filling machine to ensure the desired results. Overflow fillers, piston fillers, pump fillers and gravity fillers are available according to the viscosity. For example, what to choose for gels, lotions, ointments, pastes, creams or other types of liquid cosmetics.

Cosmetic powder press machine

Design a custom production line

Behind the filling process, other systems determines the efficiency of your production process. For example, adjusting or renewing transport systems or conveyors. Is your sealing machine still sufficient to apply a wide range of caps to a wide range of containers? Are you in need of  an accumulation belt, turntable conveyor or label printer? Can you increase your production speed without any worries after choosing a new cosmetic filling machine? And can be saved by a cobot? Is it worth to consider a palletiser?

To answer these questions and to meet your specific requirements, we turn this all to solutions. For this, we have our own engineering team that adjuts the cosmetic fillingmachine to the different formats and configurations of your liquid packaging process. Based on all this input, we work out a technical concept including a pre-design. This will give you immediately an idea of your production line. After making a quotation and during a next appointment, we discuss your expectations regarding: our solution, implantation, functionality and speed, ease of use, safety, production cost, maintenance and savings!

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