Cosmetic products such as lipsticks, lotions, gels, perfumes and so on, all requires a manufacturing process in which the base materials are heated, cooled and often shaped. A good temperature control and mixing system is very important in the cosmetic production process. When making lipsticks, wax and pigment are mixed in a heated process and mixing vessels for cosmetics. Then, with an industrial mixer, the emulsion is stirred to remove the ‘trapped’ air. Afterwards, the mixture or batch is poured into molds to cool down.

proces-en mengketels voor cosmetica

International partnership for process and mixing vessels for cosmetics

Regarding mixing vessels for cosmetics, for many years already we successfully work together with the worldwide praised company  Sinaekato. Through collaboration with a German design center, Sinaekati became a world manufacturer of various types of cosmetic machines. To their standard range belongs :

  • vacuum emulsifying mixers;
  • liquid wax mixers;
  • filling machines for cream and pasta;
  • filling machines for liquids and powders,
  • equipment for making colored cosmetics.

process and mixing vessels for cosmetics

In collaboration with this specialized manufacturer of homogenetic mixing installations (vacuum and pressure resistant) for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, we supply all machines in accordance with the GMP and FDA guidelines. Our process and mixing vessels for cosmetics guarantee anexcellent products. This is achieved by the combined action of the counter-rotation blades for stirring and the homogenization turbine. The vessel design allows perfect cleaning.

Due to the possibility of suctioning the mixture under vacuum through a valve in the bottom, the product enters the homogenizer directly. This benefits an optimal distribution and reduction of the particles. As, the smaller the particles, the more stable the emulsion and fine the dispersion is.

Flemac advises and integrates

Flemac is partner of Sinaekato. Together we have years of  experience in the field of cosmetic production. Along with you, we look at the desired solution from existing or new to  design production lines. If the mixing and process vessels for cosmetics for cosmetics is placed in an existing production environment, we guarantee a smooth and seamlessly integration into your production line.

To get a good picture of your specific needs, we check with you the requirements for the right process vessel. Based on a technical concept, we discuss your expectations and requirements against our proposal. After all, the aim is to make cosmetic production as efficient as possible. This ensures a cost-efficient investment and a limited ROI time.

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